ROHM shunt resistors were developed using metallic material processing technology cultivated over many years to ensure compatibility with a wide range of applications, from portable devices such as smartphones to automotive and industrial systems requiring a greater degree of reliability. This allowed ROHM to adopt a special high performance alloy for the resistive element, enabling high accuracy current detection with excellent temperature characteristics.

Series Chart


PSR Series


The PSR series are high power shunt resistors covering the ultra-low ohmic (0.2m?) region. The resistors adopt a convex shape using precision welding technology to minimize heat generation and achieve higher rated power, making them ideal for current detection in large current circuits that demand superior accuracy.


  • Automotive (EPS, battery monitoring, HVAC)
  • Industrial (power conditioners, server power supplies, base stations, ESS)
  • Large appliances (AC, refrigerators)
PSR Series Package

◆Utilizing precision welding technology and high performance alloy

◆Achieves superior temperature coefficient of resistance

GMR Series (Under Development)


The GMR series of high power shunt resistors are characterized by high heat dissipation and superior reliability. Optimizing the heat dissipation pathway makes it possible to ensure higher rated power in a compact form factor.


  • Automotive (ECUs, EFI, motor peripheral circuits)
  • Industrial (FA equipment, motor peripheral circuits, power supplies)
  • Large appliances (AC, washers, refrigerators)
GMR Series Package

◆Optimized design ensures excellent heat dissipation

PMR Series


The PMR series of ultra-low-ohmic shunt resistors are available from 1mΩ. The proprietary trim-less structure prevents heat concentration, reducing temperature rise, while low inductance makes high accuracy current detection possible. The lineup includes a broad range of sizes to suit a variety of applications.


  • Notebook PCs, portable devices
  • Consumer electronics
  • Automotive (EPS, power supplies, motor detection circuits)
  • Industrial (inverters, power tools, base stations)
PMR Series Package

◆A special alloy utilized for the resistive element makes it possible to provide stable ultra-low resistances

Product Comparison: Conventional vs Metal Plate Type

◆Original trimless structure minimizes temperature rise

Surface Temperature Rise Comparison: ROHM vs General-Purpose Metal Plate Type

PML Series


The PML series of metal plate type ultra-low-ohmic chip resistors features a wide terminal design that improves heat dissipation and reliability, making them ideal for large current high-speed switching circuits.


  • Notebook PCs, DC/DC converters
  • Automotive (i.e. car audio, ETC)
PML Series Package

◆Wide terminal configuration improves electrode strength and heat dissipation

Structural Comparison: Wide Terminal vs Short Terminal