[1] The samples are for functional evaluation. Their specifications may differ from those for mass production.

[2] TCD2724DG-1

Key Features

  • 100MHz (50MHz x 2ch) data rate, CCD linear image sensor
  • Built-in Timing Generator circuit and CCD driver, facilitating system development
  • Low power consumption: 10V power supply voltage for amplifier circuit lowered to 3.3V[3]

[3] 10V power supply is used partially. Dual power supply of 3.3V and 10V.



A3 multifunction printers, automated optical inspection equipment

Main Specifications

Part number


Power Supply voltage (operating range)

AVDD, DVDD, CKDVDD : 3.1 V to 3.5 V

VDD10 : 9.5 V to 10.5 V

Pixel size

4.7 μm

Number of image sensing elements

7500 elements by 3 lines

Data rate

100MHz (50MHz×2ch)


WDIP32(Size: 53.60 mm×9.65 mm)

Others / Additional features

Timing Generator circuit

CCD driver