Output driver circuit is configured by DMOS FET with low on-resistance, realizing a 5A[1] 2ch H-bridge driver. A 10A[1] 1ch drive in parallel mode is also possible.
  • SPI communication
    Daisy-chain connectivity and motor control only by SPI communication both reduce MCU ports, contributing to system miniaturization.
  • Small packages
    TB9054FTG: Small surface mount wettable flank VQFN 40pin package with E-pad
    TB9053FTG: Small surface mount power QFN 40pin package with E-pad
  • Applications


    Automotive applications such as throttle valves, various engine valves, retractable door mirrors, and body systems, including electric door latches

    Main Specifications

    Part number


    Number of H-bridge channels


    Motor to apply

    Brushed DC motor

    Motor functions

    Forward / Reverse / Brake

    Other functions

    PWM control (Direct/SPI), Current limit control,

    H-side current monitor, Diagnosis output,

    Sleep mode

    Error detections

    Over current, Over temp., VBAT/VCC Low voltage,

    Open load

    Operating voltage range

    VBAT=4.5V to 28V

    VCC=4.5V to 5.5V

    VDDIO=3.0V to 5.5V

    External power supply

    3 power supplies (VBAT, VCC, VDDIO)

    Operating temperature

    -40℃ to 125℃


    TB9054FTG: P-VQFN40-0606-0.50

    TB9053FTG: P-QFN40-0606-0.50

    (Size: 6.0mm×6.0mm)


    AEC-Q100 qualified

    Sample offering

    TB9054FTG: December 2020

    TB9053FTG: February 2021

    Mass production

    TB9054FTG: March 2022

    TB9053FTG: May 2022

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