Key Features

1. Optimized light source position prevents light leakage, achieving greater space savings
Reflector-type LEDs are typically used as light sources for instrument clusters. However, the increased need for space savings is causing many manufacturers to consider smaller LEDs. General compact molded LEDs are designed with light sources positioned as low as 0.18mm, causing light to leak to adjacent areas. In response, ROHM raised the position of the light source to 0.49mm, virtually eliminating light leakage. This makes it possible to use smaller LEDs (approximately 18x smaller in volume than conventional reflector-type LEDs), contributing to greater application space savings.

2. Contributes to longer application operation by reducing standby current consumption

Light degradation due to high temperature operation significantly improved

1) Newly developed molded resin reduces degradation due to aging
ROHM developed a new molded resin that significantly reduces brightness degradation due to high temperature operation, even for short wavelength products such as blue. For example, during accelerated high temperature testing with blue LEDs (85°C, IF=20mA, 1,000hrs operation), we succeeded in improving the residual luminosity rate by approx. 80% over conventional products.


2) Support for AEC-Q102 sulfuration testing
Until now, ROHM LEDs have been designed to comply with AEC-Q101, the international standard for high reliability in automotive applications used for discrete products, but more recently we have been working on obtaining certification under the AEC-Q102 standard for optical devices established in March 2017. This new regulation also includes sulfuration testing, which is expected to lead to even greater reliability in applications such as automotive and industrial systems exposed to severe environments.

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CSL0901/0902 Series Lineup

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