TOKYO—In August, Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation (“Toshiba”) will start mass production and shipments of “TPWR7904PB” and “TPW1R104PB”, 40V N-channel power MOSFETs for automotive applications. They are housed in the DSOP Advance(WF) packages that deliver double-sided cooling, low resistance, and small size.

The new products secure high heat dissipation and low On-resistance characteristics by mounting a U-MOS IX-H series chip, a MOSFET with the latest trench structure, into a DSOP Advance(WF) package. Heat generated by conduction loss is effectively dissipated, improving the flexibility of thermal design.

The U-MOS IX-H series also delivers lower switching noise than Toshiba’s previous U-MOS IV series, contributing to lower EMI[1]. The DSOP Advance(WF) package has a wettable flank terminal structure[2].



Main Specifications


Part number Absolute maximum ratings Drain-source On-resistance
Built-in Zener Diode between Gate-Source Series Package
Drain- source voltage VDSS
Drain current (DC) ID
@VGS= 10V
TPWR7904PB 40 150 1.3 0.79 No U-MOS IX-H DSOP Advance(WF)L
TPW1R104PB 120 1.96 1.14 DSOP Advance(WF)M


[1] EMI (Electromagnetic interference)

[2] Wettable flank terminal structure: A terminal structure that allows AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) of installation on boards.

[3] Be aware that the top plate has the same electric potential as the sources; however, not intended for an electrode.

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