TOKYOToshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation (“Toshiba”) has added the “M3H Group” to its “TXZ™ Family” of Arm® Cortex®-M-based microcontrollers for consumer and industrial equipment. The new microcontrollers are now in mass production.

The M3H Group has two groups based on their functional level. “M3H Group (1)” offers standard functions, while “M3H Group (2)” offers an expanded package line-up and memory size and supports high-speed processing (80MHz). Together, they offer a rich line-up with 13 packages (32 pins to 144 pins) and flash memory ranging from 32KB to 512KB.

The M3H Group is based on the global standard Arm Cortex-M3 core designed for motor control and to meet diverse requirements for consumer and industrial equipment. Operation frequency is up to 40MHz for M3H Group (1) and 80MHz for M3H Group (2).

In addition to high-precision analog circuits, including a 12-bit AD converter (up to 21 channels) with 1.5μs conversion speed, and an 8-bit DA converter (2 channels), M3H Group (2) incorporates Advanced-Programmable Motor Driver (A-PMD), Toshiba’s motor control technology for inverter motor control of brushless DC motors. A-PMD realizes low power consumption and advanced functions, while incorporating highly versatile peripheral circuits, such as UART, I2C, TSPI and timers, and supports high-end home appliances and large-scale systems.

A built-in self-diagnosis function that checks a reference voltage in the AD converter, a RAM parity function to detect errors during memory reads, and a CRC calculation circuit, all contribute to reduced loads in software processing.

Toshiba plans to release groups of microcontrollers for communications control for high-speed data processing, and devices equipped with high-precision analog circuits for control of low- to medium-speed motors. The Company continues to expand the TXZ family to meet the needs of the motor control and global sensing market.


Air-conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, office automation equipment, housing and facility equipment, audio-visual equipment, motor control applications (consumer and industrial applications).

Main features

High-performance ARM Cortex-M3 core, operating at up to 80MHz

Based on the de facto standard Arm Cortex-M3 core.

A comprehensive line-up of memory and package variations

A wide line-up of memory and package variations covers application in diverse products.

General-purpose microcontrollers for diverse applications

Applications include main control of consumer equipment and motor control of consumer and industrial equipment.

AD converter, DA converter, A-PMD, UART, I2C, TSPI, and timers are implemented.

Outlines and main specifications

Product series TXZ3 Series
Product group M3H Group (1) M3H Group (2)
CPU core Arm Cortex-M3
Maximum operating frequency 40MHz 80MHz
Internal oscillator 10MHz(±1%) *1
Built-in memory Flash (code) 32K to 128KB 256K to 512KB
Flash (data) 8K to 32KB 32KB
RAM 8K to 18KB 66KB
with parity
I/O port 24 to 87 56 to 134
CRC calculation circuit (CRC) None 1 channel
Communication function UART 2 to 3 channels 5 to 6 channels
TSPI 1 to 2 channels 1 to 5 channels
I2C 1 to 3 channels 2 to 4 channels
12-bit AD converter (ADC) Channel input 4 to 16 channels input 19 to 21 channels
Conversion time 1.5μs
8-bit DA converter (DAC) 0 to 2 channels 2 channels
Programmable motor driver (PMD+) 1 channel None
Advanced programmable motor driver (A-PMD) None

1 channel

  • 3-phase complementary PWM output: resolution: 12.5ns
  • PFC control: 3-phase interleaved PFC
  • Emergency stop function by external input
Advanced encoder input circuit (A-ENC) 1 channel
Remote control signal processor (RMC) 0 to 1 channels 1 channel
Timer Used as 32-bit timer: 6 channels
Used as 16-bit timer × 2 channels: 12 channels
Used as 32-bit timer: 8 channels
Used as 16-bit timer × 2 channels: 16 channels
Real time clock (RTC) 0 to 1 channels 1 channel
Watchdog timer (WDT) 1 channel 1 channel
DMA controller (DMAC) 32 channels / 1 unit 64 channels / 2 units
Operating temperature range -40 to +85℃
Supply voltage 2.7 to 5.5 V
Number of pins 32 to 100 pins 64 to 144 pins
Stock Check & Purchase

*1: Factory default setting


* Arm and Cortex are registered trademarks of Arm Limited (or its subsidiaries) in the US and/or elsewhere.

Customer support materials

We have prepared materials to help customers select appropriate products.

Item Description Source
Datasheets Explanations of functions and operations, pin assignment and electrical characteristics for each product group. Specifications to support customers applying to actual systems. Download from the product information page
Reference manual

Details of built-in functions (IPs) of products. Specifications allowing customers to check detailed functions of individual IP, such as the clock control/motor control circuit and AD converter, in unit of register.

Download from the product information page
Driver/sample program A CMSIS driver sample and sample program that can check operation on an evaluation board. Source codes, and projects for IAR EWARM and Keil MDK are available. Download from the application note and sample program page
Application notes

Sample program manual.
Documents are available in unit of function (IP).

Download from the product information page
Evaluation board

Customers can check functional features on the evaluation board through actual operation.

Available at ChipOneStop
Video clip

A video introduction to evaluation boards.

Microcomputer product page

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