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TOKYO—Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation (“Toshiba”) has launched “TOCA1300,” an adapter for unidirectional optical modules[1]. Mass production shipments start today.

The new product is an adapter for unidirectional optical modules that connects a fiber optic transmitting module and a fiber optic receiving module to transmit data for a short distance. TOCA1300 can substitute for optical fiber where there is demand for a longer insulation distance than with a photocoupler and for a shorter transmission distance than with optical fiber cable. The adapter allows optical transmission when combined with Toshiba fiber couplers[2].


[1] TOCA1300 is not certified to meet any safety standards. Customers may need to carry out evaluation and apply for certification to the appropriate authority.

[2] When combined with the TOTX1350(F) fiber optic transmitting module and either the TORX1350A(F) or TORX1355(F) fiber optic receiving module.




Main Specifications


Insertion Force[3]
Withdrawal Force[3]
Applicable optical modules part number
Fiber Optic transmitting Fiber Optic receiving
TOCA1300 min max min max TOTX1350(F)


- 39.2 5.9 39.2


 [3] When using TOTX1350(F), initial value.