(varied at location) Model No. Firmware Version Wireless products CANVIO AeroCast /
CANVIO AeroCast wireless HDD HDTU110*KWC1 1.2.8 or earlier CANVIO Wireless Adapter /
STOR.E Wireless Adapter /
CANVIO Cast Wireless Adapter HDWW100*KW*1 2.0.7 or earlier NAS products CANVIO PERSONAL CLOUD /
CANVIO HOME HDNB1*0*E*1 0011.3050 or earlier


OSS modules in the Affected Network Storage Products, including samba, have known vulnerabilities including CVE-2017-7494. The details are shown in the following “Vulnerability Information for each OSS module list ”.
These vulnerabilities allow remote attackers to cause information leakage / modification, and to potentially take control of the Affected Network Storage Products.

<Vulnerability Information for each OSS module list>


Connection types Method to mitigate the impact of these vulnerabilities
Model No. Threats
Via home broadband network Filter traffic related to the vulnerabilities using a firewall device, such as a broadband router.

Set Wireless product up to AP mode.*1 *2

Via wireless LAN

Confirm that there are no wireless communication devices within your local network.

  1. Update the latest firmware that fixed WPA2 vulnerabilities of Wireless product.
  2. Change the default password to a unique password.
Via mobile broadband network (smart phone, tablet, WWAN-equipped PC, etc.) *3 Disconnect from WWAN*3

*1: Please be sure to download the user manual and read it carefully prior to setup.
*2: Please be sure to update the latest firmware that addressed WPA2 vulnerabilities.
*3: WWAN means “Wireless Wide Area Network”.
Note: Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation terminates the software update for the Affected Network Storage Product. 
Note: Please be sure to apply the appropriate firmware update according to the information provided by the manufacturer of any devices that are connected to the Affected Network Storage Product.


Attack route

Attack route

Wireless products

Different connection modes

Wireless products

※1:You cannot use ChromecastTM function after the setup".

※ Chromecast is trademark of Google, Inc.

Product Name Manual
CANVIO AeroCast /
CANVIO AeroCast wireless HDD
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CANVIO Wireless Adapter /
STOR.E Wireless Adapter /
CANVIO Cast Wireless Adapter
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