TOKYO—Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation (“Toshiba”), as a Silicon Partner of Mbed (a device management solution for IoT platforms developed by Arm Ltd), acquired the certification of Mbed OS for its microcontrollers. Two evaluation boards that integrate these microcontrollers have been released on the Arm Mbed site.

Mbed provides developers with a free, easy-to-use development environment. The online compiler provided by Arm can be used with evaluation boards supporting Mbed OS, and device programming can be performed with drag-and-drop simplicity on a host PC connected to the boards via USB. Developers can also access the rich component libraries verified by the Mbed community, allowing fast and efficient development of applications for embedded devices.

The Arm Mbed Device Connector service provides connectivity with the Mbed Cloud, facilitating easy configuration of web services.

Among the Toshiba group companies, Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation is working on strengthening device security of IoT equipment as an Mbed Cloud lead partner. As Toshiba microcontrollers now support Mbed OS, the Toshiba group can propose and deliver total solutions for secure IoT systems covering clouds to devices.

Toshiba will be expanding products supporting Mbed OS with Mbed ecosystem partners.

Main features of microcontrollers supporting Mbed OS

Support for numerous applications with Cortex-M0 and Cortex-M4 based microcontrollers

TX00 general-purpose microcontrollers with USB support function and TX04 microcontrollers with security function extend product choices.

Support for a wide range of applications via Arduino-compatible connector

Applications can be developed quickly by connecting to a commercially available ArduinoShield board.

Support for IoT applications via Mbed

Using Mbed Cloud allows secure connection with web services.

Outline and main specifications of microcontrollers supporting Mbed OS

Product 1

Part Number TMPM066FWUG (in mass production)
Main specifications CPU Arm® Cortex®-M0
Maximum frequency 24MHz
Built-in memory 128 Kbyte Flash, 16 Kbyte SRAM
Operating voltage 1.8 to 3.6 V
DMA 28 channels (1 unit)
USB 1 channel (full-speed device)
10bit ADC 8 channels
UART/SIO 2 channels
I2C 2 channels
16-bit Timer 10 channels
High resolution PPG 1 unit, 4 outputs
External interrupt pin 6 pins
TSPI 1 channel
Package LQFP64 (10 mm x 10 mm, 0.5 mm pitch)

Product 2

Part number TMPM46BF10FG
(in mass production)
Main specification CPU Arm® Cortex®-M4 processor with FPU
Maximum frequency 120MHz
Built-in memory 1024 Kbyte Flash, 513 Kbyte SRAM
Operating voltage 2.7 to 3.6 V
12-bit ADC 8 channels
DMA 32 channels (3 units)
16-bit Timer 8 channels
Interrupt input 16 channels
Clock-independent WDT 1unit
SSP 3 channels
SIO/UART 4 channels
Full UART 2 channels
I2C 3 channels
SLC NAND Flash controller 1unit
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 1unit
Hash function generator (SHA) 1unit
Random number seed generator (ESG) 1unit
Multiple-length arithmetic circuit (MLA) 1unit

(14 mm x 14 mm, 0.5 mm pitch)

* DMA: Direct Memory Access

* 1 Kbyte is calculated as 1024 bytes

For details of Mbed enabled microcontrollers, visit the following websites.

Mbed evaluation boards

The Mbed evaluation boards for each microcontroller are provided by sensyst, as AdBun series products, as follows:




Mbed products Mbed evaluation board (sensyst product name)
TMPM066FWUG AdBun-M066

TMPM066FWUG evaluation board (AdBun-M066)


TMPM46BF10FG evaluation board (AdBun-M46B)


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