Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation


TOKYO - Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation has added "TCB001FNG", a new surface-mount product, to its line-up of 4-channel power IC. Based on IC achievements for car audio secured over many years, the new power IC is configured with a pure complementary MOS process. Mass production starts today.

Like current products[1], the new IC uses Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation’s original filtering technology to detect and suppress high frequency noise from sources as diverse as mobile phones and electric door mirrors.

The package is a flat type HSSOP, which allows surface mounting. In conventional car audio IC products, a lead insertion type of HZIP package is widely used. However, recent years have seen the promotion of surface mount type packages, particularly in the market of genuine products. Adoption of surface mount package, securely positioned with reflow soldering, increases system reliability and the performance of car audio.

Main specifications of new product

Part Number TCB001FNG
Maximum output 45Wx4ch (VDD=15.2V,RL=4Ω, MaxPower)
Supply voltage 6V to 18V
Output offset voltage 90mV
Output noise voltage 55µV (BW=DIN_AUDIO)
Internal peripheral functions
  • High sound quality, low distortion
  • Built-in mute and standby switch function, offset detection, and short detection
  • 6V operations (engine idle reduction capability)
  • Built-in protection circuits (thermal shutdown, overvoltage, short to Vcc, short to GND, and output to output short)
Package P-HSSOP36-1116-0.65-001
Price 500 yen (tax included)


[1] TCB001HQ