TOKYO--Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation today announced the launch of “TB67B000FG,” a new three-phase brushless fan motor driver for air conditioners, air purifiers and other home appliances, and for industrial equipment. The new driver is a package addition to the “TB67B000 series,” which realizes highly efficient fan-motor drive and noise reduction in a single package.

TB67B000FG is a sine-wave motor driver IC in the HSSOP34 surface-mount package. Sample shipments start today.

Growth in the fan motor market has increased demand for packages that support reflow mounting to secure more efficient board manufacturing. TB67B000FG’s adoption of the small HSSOP34 surface mount package realizes this objective. Components can be mounted on boards automatically, improving fan-motor manufacturing efficiency. On top of this, the required mounting area is about 53% smaller than that for the ‘TB67B000HG’ sine-wave driver IC, which is packaged in ‘HDIP30,’ a conventional lead-insertion package. The new IC contributes to board space-saving.

Main Features

1. Small surface mount package for reflow mounting

The small 36-pin HSSOP package (mounting area: 17.5 × 11.93mm) is adopted. A heat radiation pad on the package surface improves heat dissipation. Components can be mounted on boards automatically, as the package enables reflow mounting. The required mounting area is 53% smaller than that of its predecessor, which is housed in an HDIP type package (mounting area: 32.8 × 13.5mm)

2. Sine-wave drive with a rating of 500V/2A is realized in a single package.

The sine-wave motor control IC and IGBT (rating of 500V/2A) are integrated in a single package. This reduces the size of mounting area and board layout, and contributes to overall system cost reduction.

3. Malfunction due to noise is prevented.

Malfunction due to noise is prevented by a latch circuit in the hall sensor input. Built-in digital and analog filters realize more stable motor operation.

4. Built-in error detection functions

Error detection functions for motor lock detection, under voltage lock out for power control, and thermal shutdown are incorporated.

Main Specifications

Product name Current product
New product
Package HDIP30
(Mounting area:32.8 × 13.5mm)
(Mounting area: 17.5 × 11.93mm)
Power supply voltage
(absolute maximum ratings)
For motor operation: 500V
For controller: 18V
Power supply voltage
(operation range)
For motor operation: 50 to 450V
For controller: 13.5 to 16.5V
Output current
(operation range)
Driving method Sine-wave PWM drive/Trapezoidal commutation
PWM frequency 14kHz to 23kHz
Lead angle control Sine-wave PWM drive: 0 to 58°/32 steps
Trapezoidal commutation: 0 to 28°/16 steps
Input voltage for rotational speed command Motor operation: 2.1V to 5.4V
Other features
  • Built-in IGBT three-phase bridge
  • Built-in oscillation circuit (resistor connected externally.)
  • Built-in bootstrap diode
  • Built-in error detection functions: current limiter, thermal shutdown, under voltage lock out, and motor lock detection
  • Built-in regulator circuit (5V/35mA, 7V/30mA)