TOKYO – Toshiba Corporation's (TOKYO: 6502) Storage & Electronic Devices Solutions Company today announced the launch of “TB67H452FTG,” a 4-channel H-bridge motor driver IC offering a high voltage of 40V and current of 3.5A. The new IC is suited for small consumer products. Shipments start today.

In recent years, more and more products require high drive current with low power supply voltage, particularly small consumer products such as digital cameras, electric tools, notebook PCs, tablets and small domestic robots.

The new IC can supply an output current of up to 3.5A with low power supply voltage, suiting it for battery-powered applications, such as 7.2V power supply for small domestic robots, electric tools and surveillance cameras.

The new motor driver IC has both DC brushed motor drive and stepping motor drive interfaces, making possible combinations such as two DC brushed motor channels and one stepping motor channel. Customers have the freedom to select from a line-up that supports a wide range of devices.

Toshiba will continue to deliver products that meet the needs of customers by promoting the development of a diverse portfolio of motor drivers tailored to market trends.

Main Features of New Product

1.High drive current with low power supply voltage

Suited for applications that need high current with low power voltage.

2.Drives two or more motors

Can drive up to four brushed motors simultaneously; in stepping motor mode, can simultaneously drive two stepping motors.

3.Small package

Packaging in a small QFN package support customers in reducing heat problems and simplifying PCB design patterns to handle heat dissipation. Also realize an affordable solution in terms of space and cost.

4.Low heat generation

Heat generation for a 2-channel simultaneous drive is reduced by low on resistance (0.6 Ω or less (upper + lower)).

5.Low power consumption

A built-in sleep function by external pin control reduces IC current consumption at stand-by.

6.Built-in error detection circuits

Incorporates thermal shutdown and over current detection circuits. The safety and reliability of equipment are increased by the error (ERR) signals they output during operation.

Main Specifications

Part number TB67H452FTG
Control I/F CLK-IN
Absolute maximum ratings
  • Brushed DC motor mode
    40V, 3.5A (single mode); 40V, 5.0A (large mode)
  • Stepping motor mode
    40V, 3.5A (single mode); 40V, 5.0A (large mode)
Drive channels Brushed motor: 4 channels; Stepping motor: 2 channels
Package QFN48-P-0707-0.50
Step resolution mode Full, half, and quarter step resolution (in stepping motor mode)
Other features Built-in Sleep function cuts consumption current during standby.
Built-in error detection functions: over heat detection, over current detection and low voltage detection
Built-in error detection flag output function
Supports power-on sequence by the single power drive
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