TOKYO–Toshiba Corporation's (TOKYO: 6502) Storage & Electronic Devices Solutions Company today announced the launch of new two high current products, the 60V "TLP3407S" and the 100V "TLP3409S", additions to its line-up of photorelays packaged in S-VSON4[1], the package with the industry's smallest mounting area[2]. Mass production shipments start today.

The new products realize high voltages while retaining the features of TLP3406S, already in the line-up, which offers a 30V voltage with large on-state current rating and small size. The higher voltages realize support for DPS[3]applications, such as SoC testers, which require voltage variation for automotive ICs.

The S-VSON4 package has a 22.5% smaller mounting area than the current VSON4 package[4]. This series also pushes operating temperature to a new high, from 85°C to 110°C. It contributes to improved design efficiency by reducing the size of the tester board, increasing the number of relay circuits, and further improving integration density.

The latest Gartner market report recognizes Toshiba as the leading manufacturer of optocouplers by sales in 2015 and 2016, with 23% of sale-based market share in CY2016. (Source: Gartner “Market Share: Semiconductor Devices and Applications Worldwide, 2016” 30 March 2016.)

Toshiba will continue to deliver products that meet the needs of customers by promoting the development of a diverse portfolio of photocouplers and photorelays tailored to market trends.

Main Applications

Main Specifications


Part Number Absolute Maximum Rating On-state Resistance Output Capacitance
Off-State Current Turn-On time
Turn-Off time
Off-state output terminal Voltage
On-state Current
Operating Temperature
IOFFmax (nA) @VOFF
TLP3406S 30 1.5 -40~110 0.1 0.2 120 1 20 2.0 1.0 S-VSON4
TLP3407S[5] 60 1.0 0.2 0.3 80 1 50 2.0 0.3
TLP3409S[5] 100 0.65 0.4 0.6 50 1 80 2.0 0.3


[1] S-VSON4 package: 2.00mm×1.45mm(typ.)

[2] For photorelay products, as of May 10, 2017. Toshiba survey.

[3] DPS (Device Power Supply): Power supply peripheral circuits of various testers.

[4] VSON4 package: 2.45mm×1.45mm(typ.)

[5] New products.

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